Saturday, January 31, 2009

theme for the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast

"Far" is the theme song that the Maestro wrote for the fabulous 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. He performed this at the International Year of Astronomy opening ceremonies during the AAS conference, Long Beach, California, 2009.

Download the mp3 here.

It's not just far. It's far out.

astronomically yours,
Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe



You ponder the universe and a look comes 'cross your face
You try to fathom distances of all the stuff in space
But you can't wrap the bacon of your mind around the fig
Of all the terms required to describe how big is big

So let me get specific, and use words scientific
Go whip out your thesaurus, for this exacting chorus

This stuff is far, [it's really far] this stuff is far far far away
We're talkin' far, [like ├╝ber far] you can't get there by car in a day
It's super duper crazy far but not just pulsars quasars and stars
I mean it's far, far, far, if there's some doubt listen to us shout [THIS STUFF IS FAR]

I sense all the explosions going off inside your brain
As your mind gets blown by what I just did explain
Sorry if my words might drive you all insane
But that's what happens when precision is your middle name

So with an exacting factor, like some sextant or protractor
Using details quite semantic, I'll show how huge is this gigantic


...far too big to explain in any concise ways,
it might just have to take 365 days

I hope that I have offered up some technical assistance
And haven't caused your ticker too much ventrical resistance
But you have got to listen and trust my insistence
That I am very accurately describing the distance


©2009 Geologic Records


Anonymous said...

Oh, yay! A new ringtone! Booyah!

CCP said...

George had us all sing it at AAS with him!

Hey George! Good to meet you there!

Dave said...

George, in one of several imaginary lives that I lead, I'm a musician who rocks about science, space, etc. Thanks for living out my little dream :)

Brian the Geek of Many Stripes said...

i love singing along to the lines before the chorus(i'm in parenthesis)

So let me get specific(specific), and use words scientific(scientific)
Go whip out your thesaurus(thesaurus), for this exacting chorus

L to the OL

~No E Mahony

Vyaas said...

This song is awesome[like uber awesome]!

Ian O'Neill said...

George. I love it.

Great job on the video, I love how manic it is! Great style. Still loving "Far" by the way. I play one of the 365DoA podcasts on my Astroengine Live radio show every week, taking special joy in cranking up the volume of the theme tune :)

Lee said...

Well done...

Erik Harris said...

Is that a reference to The Who's "Can't Explain" opening riff that I hear just after you sing that it's too big to explain in any concise way, that it might take 365 days?

Love the song, and I love the podcast series, too. Lots of clever stuff in there.

NiteSkyGirl Blog said...

ewow this so fantastic it's beyond belief and words I cannot cosmically describe!

Anonymous said...

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Leonardo Dicaprio said...

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