Monday, January 1, 2007


I haven't blogged in a while. I am a bastard. Sorry.

Real quick- I went to London a week ago and saw (among MANY cool sights) the new James Bond flick at an Odeon cinema in Leicester Square. Beyond cool. As a life-long James Bond fan it was immeasurably cool to see the latest (and in my humble opinion BEST EVER) Bond flick in LONDON.

Boner. Huge boner.

OK- Here's what's up for 2007:

More blogs. (promise)

I was asked to be body painted by a fan in Sacramento, California. Body painted? Yes- body painted. It's essentially an art form where the CANVAS for the ART is a NAKED BODY. No shit. I guess you could call it a canv-ass. Kevin is a Geologic fan who is a painter, and his wife apparently convinced him to do me. (artistically that is.) SO- They estimate that the session will take 6 plus hours- which means that I have to be naked for that long which means that I am starting to do CRUNCHES from now until my flight in February. Actually- it' s a really good goal to work towards. I want to be as buff as buffishly possible for this shoot, and I always work better with a goal. It looks like the date will be February 16th-ish. I'll keep you posted.

I was asked to perform at BALTICON, which is a Baltimore based Sci-Fi convention. Nice. I met a very nice organizer dood at Dragon-Con, and he recently wrote to me and asked if I'd be interested in performing. Apparently Johnathan Coulton will be there as well, but I doubt that Dr.Coulton would deign to perform with me. (Who the hell am I...)

I'm going to produce an album for a Philly based funk/jazz duo called Manfreedy & Johnson. They recently got in touch with me and are fans of both PFA and of my stuff. They wanted to know if they could re-record some tunes of mine, and whether I'd be interested in producing. I figured- Why not! It might even be a Geologic Records release. (like a real record company... ooooh!) We're still hammering out the details.

I'm going to be playing a lot more solo acoustic gigs with the new year, so be on the lookout for that. I've been re-working lots of my previously un-playable or "band only" tunes into an acoustic setting. It's been a cool challenge.

I WON'T be returning to WLVR for my Geologic Radio Hour but I WILL be starting a version of my show for podcasting. Why not. I've heard some GREAT podcasts, and I've heard some real audio piles of bovine lung sausage, so I figure I'll fit in betwixt the two extremes somewhere. I just need to set up my Mac for decent recording, and get a feed happenin'. Nice. Expect The Geologic Podcast soon.

Sometime in the next few months I'll be releasing The George Hrab Non-Coloring Book. This is something that's been in the can since the [sic] album re-release concert. We just didn't manage to print it up with the quality we wanted. It' s a collection of my essays, travel writings, PFA and Geologic gig stories, personal e-mail exchanges, and various and sundry stuff. Most of it's funny, some of it tragic, all of it's interesting. Just like my pants.

I'm hoping my buddy Slau records an album so that I can play on that, PFA is busied than ever, maybe the full Geologic can get some more festivals, and I guess I need to start writing for my NEXT album. (Jeez it's time ain't it...)

Have to go back to wrapping presents. I hope you all have a great holiday seasonal type holiday season thing. Happy Newton's Birthday!

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