Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lookit My Mail Sack

So two quick things.

I miss mail. Like REAL stamp in the corner, pieces ‘o paper mail. Like dog chasin’ the mailman crumpled in the slot, hand cancelled Ben Franklin legacy carryin’ MAIL. Like person to person writing on an ACTUAL hunk o’ papyrus that has the potential to stick around for a few hundred years Dear John comma PROOF of the existence of past history MUTHER F’IN MAIL.

Here’s how much I miss mail:

IF you mail me a postcard I’ll send you an album.


Send me a post card with your name and address on it AND which CD you’d like, and if I get your card in the next 6 weeks- I’ll send you a disc.


If you like it- GREAT, if you don’t…EAT CHAIN.

Send it HERE:

George Hrab
77 West Broad St. #5
Bethlehem, PA 18018

And remember to say if you want

[sic] Minutiae Vitriol Coelacanth or Interrobang

Write something funny and maybe I’ll send you a little extra somethin’ somethin’.
Limit one disc per address. Unless you can relly make me laugh... then we can tawk.



The podcast begins tomorrow. Wednesday. Valentines Day. Just 'cause I HEART each and every one of you...

SHOW NUMBER ONE will be available HERE


Holy nut munchers.

All your favorites, and not so favorites INCLUDING-

The History Chunk
Religious Moron of the Week
Interesting Fauna
Science Minute
And much much more…

N. Joy.

1 comment:

Bill LaLonde said...

I realize that this post is almost a year old, but I only recently discovered your blog (and most excellent music), and I was wondering if the CD for postcard giveaway is still going on?

Either way, I want to express my appreciation for what you do-- seldom does someone make me laugh so hard and think so hard at the same time.