Thursday, May 10, 2007

Book 'Em Geo

OK. Some housekeeping:

Lots of folks have been asking about how they can get copies of my literary masterpiece “Non-Coloring Book.” Well… we initially printed up a limited number, so they’re available but they’re going fast. If you would like a SIGNED copy- please send me a check, money order, beaver pelt or Pre-Civil War Silver Certificates in the amount of $15.00. (make checks payable to George Hrab) and I’ll get one to ya forthwith.

Send your book request and mailing info to:

George Hrab Non-Coloring Book
77 West Broad St. Unit #5
Bethlehem, PA 18018

We are going to EVENTUALLY have this available on line for purchase, but THAT edition will be SLIGHTLY different than the first batch. SO- in the future the 1st editions will be MUCH MORE VALUABLE, especially after I hijack the Hurlatron Roller Coaster at Six Flags over Kerhonkson.

Speaking of books- A good friend of mine from high school has written and released his SECOND book called “Sharehouse Confidential.” John Blesso and I went to high school together, and he and I have remained in contact with each over the years. (John was student council President, and I was his Dick Cheney, although the closest I ever got to a secret location was alone in my room with a copy of Juggs.) Anyway- John has written a great book about owning a summer share house on Long Island, and what it’s like when a bunch of thirty-something New Yorkers get together for an epicurean summer adventure. Great stuff, lots of fun.

Check out John HERE, and buy his book HERE

This is John's book. He's a REAL writer. Cool.

One of the things John talks about in his book is how he sympathizes with single women in New York. When looking to book guests for his sharehouse, he likes to have an even ratio of men to women, and though it’s easy to find smart, sexy, fun women- it’s NIGH IMPOSSIBLE to find their straight male counterparts. You know- if a guy likes to cook, and enjoys good conversation, and prefers cool music, and takes care of himself physically, and knows how to groom and dress himself, and doesn’t insist on getting hammered at every social gathering- HE’S GAY. At least that seems to be what John finds… and not that he doesn’t want gay guys around, but the POINT of being in the sharehouse is for people to meet each other and have fun. (He calls it horizontal refreshment. How great is THAT!) That being said-

If you’re a single guy who is even MILDLY NON-NEANDERTHAL and is looking for an incredible summer experience, get in touch with John HERE.

Other stuff-

Since working with ONE band seems to take up not nearly enough time, and I’ve told you about the Lisa Bodnar Band, I figured I’d mention another cool project I’m starting. JP Cappiello (he who wrote the preface to Non Coloring Book) asked me if I wanted to be involved in a Police Tribute Band.

I think the conversation went something like this:

JP: Hey George, would you like to be in a Police trib-

Geo: YES!

Apart for Bill Bruford, I would say that Stewart Copeland has been the GREATEST influence on my percussive tendencies. I am WELL QUALIFIED for this gig, seeing as I KNOW EVERY POLICE TUNE, and struggle DAILY to NOT sound like Stewart Copeland while playing the drums. JP also asked Tom Sweeney (from the Geologic Orchestra) to play guitar, and we have christened ourselves The Synchronicity Three.

We’ve had one rehearsal so far and have another one tonight. Let me tell you- playing these songs is SO MUCH GODDAM FUN I just don’t know what to do with myself.

It is funny though, that over the last seven or eight years I’ve been STRUGGLING in the funk band, fighting against my Copelandian tendencies to PUSH the beat. A lot of the funk repertoire requires players to LAY BACK in what we incredibly hip and only LEGALLY and MARGINALLY white dudes call IN THE POCKET. This is sort of the antithesis to Stewart’s “on top of the beat,” pushing style. I grew up listening to Stewart, AND I'm somewhat impatient ANYWAY, so I have a NATURAL tendency to push. I’ve gotten WAY BETTER at laying back, but now with the Police thing- I have to IGNORE ALL THAT and push-push-push! Weird. It’s kind of like someone losing they’re accent when they move up north, and then going back home and re-instating their old speech patterns. Nice.

We have our premier show at Allentown’s MAYFAIR on May 25th. (We're listed as QUIXOTIC -long story- but that's us at 3:00 on the Master Stage. Really. Anyway.)

That's it for now. In the words of Mr. Sting:

"E. O."

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