Monday, July 16, 2007


IF YOU MISS my rants about all things Geologic here on this blog, be sure to go to and get a weekly fix of Geologic Spew. I’ve been focusing recently on my PODCAST, and the 3% of my brain that is reserved for creativity (the other 97% is used to fight off food cravings) has a tough enough time doing 50 minutes of PODCAST content a week. Sorry the blog has trailed off, BUT I DO think the 'cast is worth checking out… There seems to be a consensus that there’s some funny poo over there. Dig.


Some cool stuff coming up…

THIS WEDENSDAY I’m doing a 15 minute slot at an acoustic showcase at the lovely club Katmandu. This is a nice place in Trenton, NJ that used to feature the Funk Authority. Lance, the ├╝ber cool sound engineer got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to do a showcase. No sweat I figured… sounds like fun.

Here am the details:

Wednesday July 18th 9:00 (ish)
Rte. 29 50 Riverview Executive Park
Mercer County Waterfront Park
Trenton, NJ

I believe there are something like eight other performers that night, all doing original music. Should be a nice chance to hear some local talent.

Speaking of local talent- Here then are some of the cooler concert and beach gigs coming up with the Funk Authority.

Friday, July 20th
The Windrift Resort Hotel
80th and the Beach in Avalon, NJ
609-368-5175 10:00 PM

Saturday, July 21st
Trump Beach Bar
Atlantic City, NJ
7:30 PM

Sunday July 22nd
Summer Concert Series
York, PA
details are a bit fuzzy but keep checking

Saturday, July 28th
Trump Beach Bar
Atlantic City, NJ
7:30 PM

Sunday July 29th
Bally's Bikini Beach Bar
Atlantic City, NJ
4:00-8:00 PM


Friday August 3rd
Volksplatz Stage
8:30 – 11:00

IF you only get one chance to see PFA in action, be sure to come to Musikfest. I'll even be having a shindig afterwards, seeing as how I live TWO BLOCKS AWAY from the stage we're on. Make plans NOW dammit...


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