Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Geo & Triologic LIVE: Tuesday August 10th

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llewelly said...

There is a crucially important reason for viewing popular artists as having "sold out". It causes one to spend one's hard-earned money and precious free time supporting less popular artists, instead of popular artists. Thus the idea that a popular artist has "sold out" serves to redistribute support from the popular to the less popular. This serves to smooth out the Marina trenches and Himalayan mountains that dominate the playing field.

It's not about the quality of the music. (Despite all the claims you hear.) It's about giving the less successful artists a chance to buy a beer now and then.

(PS. It's the fact that the you so frequently need obvious things like this explained (along with your ginormous and ridiculously globular cranium) that gives away your extra-terrestrial ancestry.)

((PPS. That Marx single you were talking about. It was called Endless Boring Nights. Marx put a different name on the cassette, because he failed to face up to its terrible power to inflict boredom up on innocent listeners, but that is why it was a huge flop. It was really boring.))

(((PPPS. Your geologicpodcast.com is still down, so I am putting this somewhere else where you will read it.)))