Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fat Fit Feh

So I mentioned the ad that we ran in Progression Magazine a few blogs ago, and I figured I'd show you what it looks like. I hadn’t seen it since we sent it out back last spring, and I think it holds up. Again- this was supposed to stand out amid all of the other mediocre advertisements for other bands throughout the magazine. PLUS we figured there might be a SMALL untapped female contingent amid the proggers that at least would be slightly interested…

To be fair, I’ve seen a few ads in Progression that are quite nice, but the proportions are vastly one sided towards boring and ugly desktop publishing. Yetch.

Point being-

So yeah.. I’m naked again. Hmmm. In some circles, I’m being known as “the naked guy”, and I’m completely fine with that. Hell- the main reason we went with the cover of Interrobang was to cause a reaction with a memorable image. It’s so freakin’ difficult to stand out amid the OCEAN of product out there, that we made a conscious decision to go over the top. It also fit in nicely with the “self exposed” concept of the album (I’m BIG on concept continuity).

SO we’ve had the cover, we’ve had the Skepdude calendar , we’ll soon have this ad, AND I’m flying out to California in February to do a body painting/acoustic show at a local Sacramento gallery. (I’ll have to be…NAKED… while being painted by the artist. Surprise.)

I have to say, I’m a little worried.


Yes- here’s the thing- I worked my ASS OFF (somewhat literally) for the Interrobang shoot. We got some great shots in the controlled environment of the studio. It’s absolutely AMAZING what proper conditions and lighting can do to affect the overall look and impression of a photo. We made damn sure that we used NO RETOUCHING or PHOTOSHOPPING for the final image. In an age where models are made to look taller and skinnier, and guys can have their abs digitally painted on- I wanted to make DAMN sure that we only used lighting and an incredible photographer to achieve our results. That being said- I’m WORRIED that an attendee at the body painting might see me under non-optimal conditions and think…


they could think a number of things.

Hopefully they’ll think “Gosh how does he walk around comfortably with that huge…”

But they’ll probably think- “Ha- that Interrobang cover is fake. Look at Porky over there. What balls. And not in a good way…”

Am I a disgustingly narcissistic jerk about this? Should I give a shit what folks might think?

It’s weird that on one level I’m completely comfortable (and kinda excited) to stand naked in front of strangers, but at the EXACT same time I'm worried about being fat.


I’ve got five weeks ‘till the body painting. I need to lose about 10 pounds and get into fighting shape. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Leann said...

HOLY CRAP. You are not fat, maybe phat, but NOT fat. :)