Friday, January 12, 2007

What a Toole

So I watched (as I usually do) the Daily Show last night and the guest was Peter O’Toole. Holy crumb-numbing chud biscuits… Is there ANYONE of ANY age (let alone 74) with such an ICONIC status that is still so incredibly charming and cool and timeless and just plain awesome?

Let’s put it this way- If Mr. O’Toole walked into this room right now and asked me to tongue his sack I’d be hard pressed to think of a decent reason not to.

Geo: “But sir, I’m not gay…”

PO’T: “Well yes my dear boy, neither am I, but I was in Laurence of Arabia and Becket and..”

Geo: “Oh, alright then..”

There were moments where he seemed so enthralled with John Stewart, and was genuinely laughing- It was just so freakin’ charming. John would ask something, and Peter would pause for a second, and at first I felt that slight anticipation of “oh shit… old person going to speak…” and then he’d just rally off some story about Kate Hepburn or Richard Burton. Just too fucking cool in the most incredibly old school way. If I ever was to start drinking, it would be to get drunk with Peter O’Toole.

One of my most fond memories (and this either shows what sort of life I lead or what an impact a film can have) is sitting in my condo, ordering a pizza and wings and watching all three-plus hours of Lawrence of Arabia for the first time. Man… to be just one scintillionth as cool as his shadow.


Here’s a few shots from last weekend at the Grounds For Sculpture. This park/museum was just wonderful to visit. Check it out!

The largest building on the grounds with real live peacocks walking around.
The wind sock on top of the building was HUGE.

There was a huge stone garden that I of course had to climb.

Look at me. I'm a sundial.

For some reason the line to the bathroom took FOREVER...
These are some of the lifesize rosin figures that are throughout the whole site. This was set up to look like a dinner party with the creators of the grounds. The guy in the yellow hat is one of the artists that creates the figures.
I seemed to fit right in with the conversation.
Bamboo. Yes...bamboo.

This was part of a tryptic. There was a paper cube, a glass cube and a grass cube. All this size.
Very cool. Here I am doing a lame Buster Keaton imperession.

more shots here


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