Thursday, February 15, 2007

Off to CA

OK- I’m supposed to do an interview with Dave Jackson from Musician’s Cooler, I need to practice my acoustic stuff, go to the gym four more times, pack, write a setlist for Friday, write a setlist for Saturday, figure out how to get to the Hotel from the Airport in Sacramento, figure out to get from the Hotel to the Gallery, change my guitar strings, drive to Atlantic City, gig in Atlantic City, drive to the Philly Airport, get on a plane and go to Sacramento. YES! SO I’ll need to be brief. I won’t post another blog till Monday at the earliest- sorry, but hopefully I’ll have some fun stories from the road.

Why am I going to Sacramento?

Go here to find out.

In the mean time, to keep your minds occupied, I STRONGLY suggest that you zip over here and read an incredible exchange betwixt Sam Harris (atheist writer) and Andrew Sullivan (conservative homosexual catholic).

This is a LONG exchange of e-mails between two EXCELLENT writers- but I think that Mr. Harris defends his positions BRILLIANTLY, while Andrew (whose writing I do enjoy) tends to trump out old arguments…. Regardless- enjoy- and tell me what ya think. See ya next week!

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Bruno said...

Well, about the exchange between Harris and Sullivan, I'm actually surprised by the level of decentness and politeness.

Perhaps I've been reading too much polemic literature recently, but this gets me hopefull: if all discussions were this polite, then the (intellectual and real) world would be better off.

Then again, nobody moved their position one inch...