Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Poseidon Adventure

I’m back! Hoo. Ray.

OK- new podcast available tomorrow (Wednesday) Go here and get it.

All went well with the body painting- the turnout could have been greater (welcome to the Geologic Universe!) but it’s all kewl… Marci and Kevin were very gracious hosts, and all of the folks I met over the weekend were as nice as could be. Sacramento was fun- the trip would have been worth it for the WEATHER alone. 70 degrees and BEAUTIFUL. I had a great Sunday afternoon walking around the California State Capitol building, the adjacent park, and what is called Old Sacramento- But I’ll give you more details in the next few days. I have no idea what time or day it is, seeing as I lost two nights over the weekend due to plane travel. I’m beat, but happy. Listen to the cast, and I’ll tell ya more later.

Here are some raw shots of the ages of Poseidon. Just a peak…

Dig it-

Establishing shot. Here we are about 3 plus hours into the session.
I'm all green, and this is the "young" beardless Poseidon. The Prince, as it were...
We're still trying to get the perspective correct with the tail and the rocks.

The Three Stages of Sea Deity
No Beard

Medium Beard (The New King)

Wacked Out King Lear Beard (Old Senile Fish)

This is towards the end of about five hours, trident in hand.

What...no shrimp?
Just as I did this some guy walked past the window and got a PRIMO view of my ass.
He ran away shaking his head and wondering about his future therapy bills.

This is when Marci called Michael & Evo and left a message as "Imp."
I begged Evo to save me and call the police.

We got a whole slew of pics, plus Chris from San Fran was there and she shot a bunch too- so hopefully I'll get a chance to see those as well. We're going to mess with the color on these, and do something mondo cool. In the meantime, Kevin DID interview me for his podcast, and that should be up in the next day or so HERE.

It's great to be back. I'm going to go eat something.


Sarah Paige said...


sea (nyuk)....
Even green you look great

fishy fishy!

Philip said...

With the beard you look like Randi!