Thursday, February 1, 2007

Video Shilled the Way to go Czar

So ok... just a quick post thingy today. Sorry for the lack of MEAT, but I promise I’ll get something JUICY up here tomorrow.

I went to Eric K’s today (fantabu-drummer of the Geologic Orchestra) and looked at some of the footage from our IceHouse concert (you know... our 5th annual EXTRAVAGANZA featuring the full TEN PIECE Geologic Orchestra that was a CRITICALLY IGNORED smash…) Eric’s lovely wife Donna was gracious enough to tape the show (in high-def... yef yef!) and this was the first time I got a chance to see any of it.

Well- I think for a single camera shoot, using only the connected camera mic, the thing looks purty damn cool. There’s a whole STORY about why we didn’t get a soundboard recording of the show (not for lack of trying… BELIEVE ME) and I was worried that the sound might not sound so sound. Well- IT AIN’T TOO SHABBY.

How’s that for a ringing endorsement…

James Earl Jones type voice:
The Audience is Listening to THX Theater Surround.

I will do SOMETHING with the three-plus hours of footage that we have (including backstage shenanigans AND rehearsal footage) at SOME POINT in the FUTURE, seeing as how my time dilation device is still in beta testing mode.

BUT IN THE MEAN TIME- you folks who didn’t get a chance to come to the show (for SHAME) can watch two clips (albeit semi castrated for web use) featuring me and the über talented boys o’ the Orchestra.

HERE then is a LIVE version of Disappointed
(from the Interrobang album)


HERE is a cover version of a Talking Heads tune called Blind
(from their final album Naked)



Huge thanks to Donna and Eric for making this possible!

* * * * * * * * * *

One final quick TAN-Q to the gang over at Wingin’ It for linking to my blog about the church. If you’re here from over there, WELCOME. If you’re there from over here… then I’m just confused.

Come back often. I like to write.

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