Friday, September 14, 2007

Some Bests

A few things...

So at Dragon*Con, folks walk around dressed as Klingons and Space Marines and Rainbow Brites and Batmen and Hellboys and Zans and Janas and Drs.Octopi and every obscure character you can possibly imagine form every TV show / Movie / Comic Book / Radio Drama / Telegraph Serial...

People would collectively gather in centralized areas like the atriums of the convention's hotels and pose for photographs. This happened ALL WEEKEND LONG.

Here then, was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE costume of the entire con. This guy (from Koolsmoke, Texas) really spared no expense, and was kind enough to pose with me. Check out how incredible his detailing is:

photo courtesy of Soccergirl Incorporated

Pretty amazing no?


If you've been waiting to jump on board and start listening to my podcast... (and why have you waited so long? SHANDER!) you can now conveniently dive in by downloading and listening to


which is clickable HERE or on the side panel of this blog. If you're a fan of the cast and want to proselytize... this is a good place to send newbies.

OR it's a great place to send folks you DON'T LIKE who happen to think that Jesus is all that.

Either way is cool with me.

Here are some of the bits featured on


The Geologic Podcast Mission Statement - from show 20

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Antiques Roadshow - from show 12

"I Want To be Free" with the Ohio Players - from show 4

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Mortimer Calls In - from show 19

Lou Rawls Auto Security System - from show 8

Beatles Block - from show 10

George's Future Calling Plugin Part 1 and Part 2 - from shows 8 and 10

Bob Dylan Records his XM Promo - from show 12

A Day in the Life of Sylvia Brown's Assistant - from show 22

Religious Moron of the Week - from show 15

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Rory Calhoun introduces: We Hate George Hrab - from show 18



RubyVee said...

I thought you might find this interesting. A couple of years ago an author told a short story for each element in the periodic table.

Michael said...

Hey George, I think I saw that guy at the end of my block. It looked like this dog was attacking him though, so I went over and kicked it. I hate dogs. They think everything is a giant asshole.