Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everything Alive Will Die Someday

I can't stand listening. Pot induced giggles pissing me off. REALLY off. WAY off. I am a square of gigantic proportions. I am so square that I am beyond quadratic. [Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?] ARGUE then GIGGLE then ARGUE then GIGGLE. Great no? FUCK. I can't stand listening. I can't stop listening. I am humbled, and relegated to a mumble.

Ah well...


Just remember- everything alive will die someday
and that’s OK. It’s the great equating factor in the world
like some desiccated tractor,
we all run out of gas, this life can’t last
‘cause everything alive will die someday

I used to worry that my folks would someday die
‘cause that meant if they could than that meant so could I
too young to handle this morose philosophy
I’d deal with all of this by climbing up a tree

and looking at the huge-small world I could survey
I wondered what it’s feel like on that final day
and calculated the heartbeats left in my lot
then realized the best idea was t’enjoy the time I’ve got

and I’d remember- that everything alive will die someday
and that’s OK. From the single cellular to grandiose
seems we’re all destined to be toast
ev’ry leaf, bush, plant, and tree, will cease to be
‘cause everything alive will die someday

every empire crumbles
every mammoth tumbles to the ground
ally and enemy
both kick the bucket equally

and in this truth there lies a fact
if you ignore those who distract
you have a chance to realize
the fairness of unfairness is in everything’s demise

You should remember, everything alive will die someday
and that’s hard to say, though to me it’s more a blessing than a curse
(is this a chorus or a weird verse?)
every hand that’s ever writ- will up and quit,
‘cause everything alive will die someday

I get to see you smile, and that makes it all worthwhile.
To look into your eyes is worth
the eventual demise of earth
and of ev’ry living cell, what the hell…
let’s Deborah and Clive ourselves today

So let’s remember, everything alive will die someday
but let me say, you shouldn’t do just whatever you will
don’t ever cause anyone ill-
an historic reversal. Don’t you know?
This IS the only chance you’ve got,
it aught to mean an awful lot,
this is the show and not some rehearsal

talk of an extra inning
implies this is just a beginning
but there’s no prize you will be winning
your existence is enough of a reward to keep you grinning

or at least should be…


The musishian said...

Hey Geo,

Meant to say I like the new specs. Noticed the update in the value-added Geo Avatar that you enclosed in the Dingus Detection Prize. You perfectionist you.

I first grokked my mortality at age 7. Was walking the grounds of our small town's library (or town's small library), and there was a time capsule there, buried, but marked with a big rock and plaque.
The plaque said the time capsule was buried in 1976 and would be opened in 2076
I realized I'd be over 100 when it was opened. And I knew, even at 7, that people didn't live that long.

I was an anxious kid. Still am, some days...

James said...

Personal mortality never bothered me much (other than wanting to put off dying 'til I'd had my fill of not being dead)... The thing that occasionally gives me creeps is the inevitable destruction of everything humans have created, cause say what you will about us, we've made some really great stuff -- art, architecture, music, theatre, and so on.

Autun Cathedral in France has an inscription: "Giselbertus hoc fecit" (Giselbertus made this). No-one knows for sure if Giselbertus was the cathedral's patron, the architect, the sculptor, or one of the stone-carvers. But I love that inscription, because it reminds me of all the people throughout history who've created art that we still appreciate today.

Julio said...

wow!!! That was deep and very enjoyable. Really digging your words :)

was the first paragraph in bold another dig @ KATG?

George Hrab said...

Nope... not KATG.

Nice try though.