Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bolling Night

Got a cool ass gig coming up on Friday. For those of you in the Lehigh Valley area, you should come check it out. Here am the deal:

I'm playing a number of Claude Bolling suites with the super cool chamber group Satori.

Who's Claude Bolling?

Well, he was a composer (who kinda looked like Bob Newhart by the way... go figure) who wrote a whole smelch's worth of pieces for musician friends of his who wanted to sound like they knew how to play jazz. Kinda cool.

Essentially, world renowned classical flautist Jean Pierre Rampal approached C.B. and said-
"could you write for me zis piece zat will make me sound like I play ze jazz?"
and C.B. said
and wrote Suite for Flute and Jazz Trio. It's not REALLY jazz, seeing as it's entirely through composed, but it is jazz-y (as opposed to Jay-Z) and a lot of fun to play. He then went on to write a Guitar Suite in a similar style, and also a Violin Suite. We're doing selections from all of these pieces, in a VERY intimate setting, over at my favorite local haunt- Godfrey Daniels.

Here's the info and the links and the thing and the other thing.


For the 3rd consecutive's

SATORI – An Evening of Claude Bolling

SATORI is starting a second decade of classical and contemporary chamber music performances in the Lehigh Valley! Celebrate with an evening of Claude Bolling's music -- is it classical, or is it jazz? Join us for an evening of music that crosses barriers. Hear selections from Bolling's Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio, the popular Picnic Suite, and his Suite for Jazz Violin.

Performers include John Arnold, guitar; Rebecca Brown, violin; George Hrab, percussion; Barbara Liebhaber, piano; Paul Rostock; bass, and Nora Suggs, flute.

Friday, November 30th
8:00 PM
Godfrey Daniels
7 East Fourth Street,
Bethlehem, PA 18015-1601
(610) 867-2390

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