Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Geologic Podcast #75


This Week on "The Ken & She Show"


Steven Pinker's "The Stuff of Thought"


Captivating True Stories from the Adventures of PFA:

  1. dueling (fake) pianos
  2. Swan Foods and 400 dancing lunch ladies
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards:
  1. Special Head Injury Edition (thanks to Chris Merle)
UKJohn's Hraberium

Cian's cool interview

Thanks for the Parsec Nomination

Religious Moron[s] of the Week:

  1. Mark Biltz from Scott Mullins
  2. Matt Lincoln from Julio in NY
  3. Pastor Jim Vineyard from Chris Merle and James Blackwell
Anton Ego's Wisdom

Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Steven Pinker; Alexander Scriabin; Musikfest; available Geologic shirts at Flickr; Philadelphia Funk Authority; the Parsec Awards; Cian MacMahon's interview with Geo on View from the Quad.

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Ms. Information 1] thanks Cian for the super interview and 2] stands in solidarity with a very special gal.

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