Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Geologic Podcast Show #76


An Interview with Michael Mark

Highschool friend of Geo, lifecoach, wellness coach,
and guy who inspired Minoishe Interroberg.

A different kind of show this week, with a long interview about faith, sprirituality, and what makes some people truly happy.

Check out Mike's On-Line Presence:

Ask Sustenance Q&A

Sustenance Website

Sustenance Blog

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sonicfrog said...


I caught you interview on SGTTU. I'm glad I'm not the only skeptic musician on the internet... OK, compared to your bio, maybe I should say musician; I play bass, sing (keeps the rodents away) and am finally teaching myself guitar. Anyway you came across as a thoughtful and well spoken guy. I would like to link your blog, or your best site IYO to my site if that's OK.

Signed: Sonicfrog (aka mike alexander)