Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Geologic Podcast Show 77


The coolest paragraph EVER
Musikfest Noise
Last Tuesday, a great day
Iroc 280 Z Dra-CAR, and cologne in general
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards
- Phineas Gauge thanks to JHG Redekop
Michael Mark's Interview
Religious Morons of the Week
- Abusive father guy from Jared Congiardo
- Restaurant and patrons in Birnin Kebbi from Jerry Hedden & Julio from NY
- US Department of Health and Human Services also from Jared
- Katherine Gunther wiccan extraordinaire from Peter Sosna & Andy Beale
Padre Bingo is supposed to be Brother Love
Padre Bingo: Time Traveling Inappropriate Rock & Roll Scream Guy
Ask George
- Brain Download? from Ashley Higgins
- Most Wrong? from Clark Van Horne
Off to the Islands
Congrats to Phil Plait
show close


Mentioned in the show: JT Shea and his amazing ukelele rendition of The Assumption; Beatnik Turtle; Larry Florman, aka Brother Love; Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Episode 157; Dr. Phil Plait, newly appointed president of JREF.

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