Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Geo,Video Series: Swift Kick - live

Geo and the Boys perform Swift Kick at the IceHouse 2006 concert in Bethlehem, PA. This spot includes some stage banter that precedes the tune, and mid-way through Swift Kick there's a mini-rant, one of those Captivating True Stories from the Adventures of PFA.

The Geologic Orchestra:
George Hrab, vocals and guitar
Tom Sweeney, guitar
Ross Brown, guitar
Eric Kenlin, drums
Vinnie Puccio, bass
The Authority Horns
Andy Kowal, trumpet
Dave Painchaud, trumpet
Dale Gerheart, trombone
Steve Bridges, saxophone
Larry Ogden, baritone sax

Geo during the second half of the show.

Eric Kenlin

Ross, guitar and Vinnie, bass

Concert stills Diane Richter Photography
Concert footage provided by Donna Kenlin.

Purchase Swift Kick or the entire Vitriol album.

Ms. Information says: Swift Kick has always been a favorite tune of mine. Enjoy! And don't forget, Kids, if you download the video file at the podcast site, you'll find that these IceHouse performances have the lyrics for the tune are embedded in the video file.

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