Friday, February 13, 2009

Just for complete %100 immersion...

Here is the video for FAR (365 Days of Astronomy Theme).

This is what one person can do with a camera, iMovie, a pair of Rollerblades, and a bunch of silly hats.



The Shield of Glass said...

Just hypnotically pulchritudinous*!

I was really curious as to what was coming up at the end with the Jamie Farr line...and almost fell off my chair!


John-F of the Shield

*please substitute the physical aspect of the adjective for the overall body of this oeuvre! ;)

Elexina said...

So very cool. Now that will be stuck in my head again, thank you. :)


Richard said...

I just love it George. I mean really. The song is wonderful and the video... others spend more than my house is worth and don't come up with anything that good.

You are so getting promoted on my podcast.

Icepick said...

I saw the video first and was really impressed. Then I heard you say that it was done solo on the podcast and had to go back to watch again. Unbelievable.

Sure, you're talented. You've also got to be extremely patient.

How much time did you invest in that effort?

Charybdis said...

Bowlers are so you, Geo. They suit your suit very well.