Thursday, January 6, 2011

Geologic Podcast Show #197

The Geologic Podcast Show 197

available HERE

The Show Notes:

More Oz thanks...

New Years Eve Cart


addicted to Ginger Beer

Goodbye Sammy

Fossil find

Interesting Fauna

  • Glowing Clusterwink Snail from Gary Lindross
  • Cacoxenus indagator from Jason Smith

Religious Moron of the Week

  • Hepatitis Wafer Handler from Ag Primatic

Things People LOVE that actually SUCK

  • The Blues

Ask George

  • Blue Man Group? from Jason Wagnon
  • Toms? from Ben in Bloomsburg
  • Jazz in NYC? from Chris Moore
  • Music tolerance? from Rick Sheppe
  • PFA accounting? from Chuck Patterson

Happy Birthday Sis-

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