Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recent Geo Web Slinging

Just in case you missed any of 'em...

Here are a number of recent interviews/appearances I've made on the Interwebs.

Episode 8 of the very fun skeptical panel show. Other guests include Ash Pryce, Brian Thompson, and Dr.T. Hosted by Andy Wilson.

Scopes Monkey Choir
This is a fun podcast about music & reason. Great hosts, and they talk about crumhorns. What's not to love?

Dimland Radio
A two part interview with fellow critical thinker Jim Fitzsimons.

Sharon Hill has a lovely, lengthy chat with the one and only Ms.Information.

A Swedish podcast with the coolest sounding first question I've ever had.

Skeptic Zone
I fill in as host and am interviewed by Maynard. Yes Maynard.

Pseudo Scientists
This is audio from the Styrofoam Tour stop that I performed in Melbourne. Nice Q&A.

Rational Capital
Here's a podcast from my friends in Canberra. They asked me to be on the panel while I was visiting their lovely city.

Occam's Barbershop
A radio interview with my friend Cian.

and as always, there's the weekly dose of Hrabian-Glory™ known as The Geologic Podcast.



Michael said...

You are no longer Ukie (sp?) - But you are certainly ubiquitous.

Andrew Gould said...

You forgot Rational Capital.

George Hrab said...

Sorry Andrew! Of course. 'Tis fixed.

Dan said...

Jesus H! Are you going to take Keith Olbermann's spot on MSNBC's Countdown, too?

~Dan said...

You were also mentioned in FFRF's Freethought Radio show/podcast last week (Jan. 15).

They played "God Is Not Great" and Dan Barker said they'd like to have you on the show sometime. But be warned, they mispronounced your last name...